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At MCES, we know how important it is to have the right systems in place and operating at full functionality. Eliminate production hazards, safety risks, and potential downtime with the help of our highly experienced instrumentation technicians. Keep eyes on critical and time-sensitive data with thoroughly responsive controls— with MCES.

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We Offer Year-Round Service & We’re On Call for Clients 24/7

Our Team is Highly Skilled, Expertly Trained & Driven By Quality

We Foster a Culture of Innovation, Creativity & Empowerment

We Believe in Exceeding the Expectations of Our Clients

Oilfield & Industrial Construction

MCES has the specialized experience you need to build and maintain the industrial facilities we all rely on. Trust MCES to design, install, and maintain the critical controls and automation of your facility for the highest functionality possible.

Measurement &
Metering Solutions

We get it— meters are major. Small meter errors can result in huge losses, which is why MCES takes pride in our measurement and meter-proving services. Our team utilizes tools to accurately measure and monitor flow, level, and temperature, enabling effective process control and optimization. 

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Startup

Our team is equipped to handle the pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup activities of your plant. From quality assurance inspections and quality control testing to dry and wet commissioning activities, we ensure design specifications and operational safety parameters are met before your facility goes live.


Updating your systems can cost as much as installing them if the correct preventative maintenance measures have not taken place.

MCES provides the contingency you need to maintain the efficiency your business demands.


From risk assessment to scheduling, procurement and beyond, we take control of even the most challenging projects. Our emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and discipline provides a solid foundation for success in any endeavour.

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Our Trusted Safety Solutions Partner

Scott Safety delivers on safety by providing solutions you can trust. With over 20 years of industry-specific experience, Scott Safety knows what it takes to keep everyone safe. By offering the right equipment and personnel, Scott Safety ensures that your enterprise is fully protected. Offering emergency response, fire protection, medical and safety services, decontamination, OHS and more, Scott Safety is our answer for the risks and rewards of the industry.

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MCES is ready to exceed your expectations, no matter how big or small the job is. Our standards of excellence are demonstrated in our work and the projects that we have been entrusted with. 


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